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My name is Noelle Sinclair and I'm autistic.


These are words I never imagined that I would say, not because I'm ashamed or embarrassed, but because I was a grown woman who had never considered autism as a diagnosis for myself, especially later in life. 

As I became involved in online communities for adult autistics, I quickly realised that I was not alone in my late diagnosis nor was I alone in wanting to connect with others like me. 

I worked with The Lighthouse Arabia in Dubai to establish the first autistic adult support group in the Middle East. Through this experience, it became clear that more needs to be done to help the world understand autistic people so that we may lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.


One of the best resources to achieve the above outcome is autistic people themselves. There are many of us on the spectrum who are willing and able to explain autistic perspectives, experiences, behaviours, and needs to parents, teachers, researchers, and employers— this is why I created The Autistic Perspective.

Our mission is to help bridge the gap of knowledge between those who are not on the spectrum and those that are so that autistic people everywhere gain the acceptance, understanding, and accommodations they need to live happy, fulfilling lives. 


Noelle Sinclair 


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Noelle Sinclair, Director