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Training & Education

Neurodiversity 101
for everyone

Learn the terms, concepts, and history of the neurodiversity movement. Dive into fascinating facts about how our brains work and how we all think, learn, and communicate in different, but valuable ways. 

Neurodiversity 101
for HR, DE&I, and Managers

No matter where your company is at in its neurodiversity journey, we are here to help you reach your destination. We will design and deliver custom training based on best practices in DE&I/neurodiversity and aligned to your organisation's specific needs. We do virtual, in-person, or on demand courses!  

Neurodiversity 101
for recruiters

Explore all the great topics from Neurodiversity 101 but go a step beyond to see the world from a neurodivergent applicant’s perspective. Learn how to support your neurodivergent candidates.  

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