Autism beyond the stereotypes: online resources for parents & caregivers

Updated: May 20

Finding credible information about autism can be very challenging, especially if you are a parent just beginning to consider an autism diagnosis for your child. During these early days, the type of information you find will have a lasting impact on how both you and your child understand and react to all things autistic. Unfortunately, stereotypes still shape ho

w the world perceives autistic people.

Autistic stereotypes are harmful because they are over-generalisations based on assumptions or misinformation rather than on facts or reality. Despite their inaccuracy, autistic stereotypes can be used to justify discrimination preventing equal and equitable access to things like education and employment. They ultimately lead to bias, stigma, and dehumanization.

One of our goals at The Autistic Perspective is to help society recognize harmful autistic stereotypes so that autism is viewed in a more balanced and positive way. We created the following list of resources specifically for parents and caregivers new to the world of autism. Of course, we feature autistic developed, led, or endorsed materials showcasing autistic voices and perspectives with balanced and realistic views of what it means to be autistic.

Check out the resources below, you’ll find online courses, workshops, articles, and books!

What actually autistic resources would you recommend (that aren't already on our list)? Let us know in the comments!


AUsome Training

Autistics United Canada

Foundations for Divergent minds

Idlewild Intuitive

Nurturing autism family program

Reframing Autism

Sea Bridge

The Autistic Advocate

The Nurture Program

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