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DE&I strategy and program development

Neurodiversity is emerging as a way to improve business productivity, creativity, and staff morale. But to get these rewards, businesses must  embed their DE&I programs into the company's strategy, it's business systems, and it's training programs. Where to start? How to overcome challenges? How to get support from stakeholders? We can help you address these questions and more.  


Neurodiversity training & awareness

Through partnership with the Talos Foundation, we develop customized neurodiversity training and awareness. We provide one-off sessions and webinars as well as more intensive courses for talent management teams, managers, and leaders. Learn more.


Mentoring & coaching (free service)

Are you autistic and in need of coaching, mentoring, or a one-on-one chat with a likeminded person? Let us know what type of support you need and we will match you with an autistic mentor or coach. Whether you are preparing for university, the workforce, a new job, or have another challenge, we are here to help. Learn more.


Supporting parents & educators (free service)

We organize one-on-one meetings for parents to visit with autistic adults who are passionate about sharing their experiences, unique insights, advice, and success stories. There is no cost for this service.  Learn more.


We also help educators find teacher training that has been developed or endorsed by autistic people. We are especially interested in showcasing teachers who are autistic themselves and the unique insights they have gained. Learn more.